Официальный дистрибьютор "Sony Professional Solutions", "Canon Broadcast", "ARRI Lighting", "Genelec"



Technical Excellence. Technical supply of the company is based on the world standards and guarantees high quality of our work. Professional sound recording is provided by ProTools HD system by AVID USA. We are using SSL (Solid State Logic UK) for records and combination of sounds. For instant and continuous work of the system we use dynamic plugins. The kit includes: Waves , IK MultiMedia , Soundtoys , Antares Pro , Meldaproduction , Melodyne , Native Instruments , Izotope , TC Electronics, SSL, Aphex and other plugins. Sound generated by HD 24 bit / 96 Sample rate + Direсt monitor + Pro tools and SSL program complies with the world standards of quality. To organize sound recording via microphones German brands such as NEUMANN, Beyerdynamic , Sennheiser and Shure are used. Mastering and sound combinations are realized by the equipment of Tegeler audio, SSL and  Drawmer.

Storage and Monitoring of audio materials is being realized through the professional Mac pro 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 /32GB RAM device.

We offer our guests the opportunity to watch videos on a SONY 32-inch display. In addition, the company’s technical capabilities can be used for music recordings, sounding and adapting advertising materials, creating movie soundtracks and other related works. The studio is suitable for recording individual channels and group sound recordings. There is also a DI Box bass room for guitar and bass recording. The recording studio contains drums and a collection of Fender, Musicman, Yamaha and Vintag guitars.