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Production – Video Excellence


Video made by “PROMIX” production studio  is a quality grant!

We are creating various types of work regarding visual accompaniment: from writing a script and creating a video to creating a full-length film, video clip, commercial or a DVD.
We are shooting in a studio or on a specially selected location

Our video production services:

  • Commercials (setting, graphics)
  • Music videos
  • Presentation, image and corporate films and commercials
  • Computer graphics
  • Post-production (editing, color correction, dubbing, TV screen, the VFX, etc.)
  • Production of documentaries, TV series, etc.
  • Coordination of specialized projects (fixer service)
  • Organization of events (concerts, presentations, competitions, press conferences, corporate events, etc.)

Thanks to advanced technologies in the field of computer graphics, film, photo and video production, as well as the creative staff of the studio, the production of various audiovisual commercials and presentation films takes place at a highly professional level. Our partners are agencies and companies of Azerbaijan, Russia, England, etc.